21 and i'm already hazy

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I took this last friday. I adore him so much, they are my number one favorite band at the moment.

finally sprinkles cupcakes opening on lexington ave in like two months! i’ve been waiting for this for like four years bahaha

remember when i stood there everyday, twice a day, for 9 months?
yeah me either.


i spent the last two days being 15 again. and they were both SO like spur of the moment.

yesterday: free panic! at the disco show/ signing in union square. which liz came all the way to the city to come with me for, soooo randomly omg. i dug out my fever you can’t sweat out box thing and brought the like tour program for them to sign. which was awesome cause they were like “you still have this? this is like 5 years old.” oh yeah and brendon gave me his pic and signed it.
and then we had taco bell which i proceeded to give half of mine to a homeless man. i am just all saint and angel like. all of the time.

today: got last minute spots on the list for the seven, which is mtv’s new bootleg version of trl. in which panic played again for free~ what is my life but but marianne and i were on tv during them playing lolol like twice and my stupid tv didnt record it but it’s on mtv.com. it was so hilarious we watched it like 80 times. oh yeah and panic were good again. i caught a drum stick, for the first time in my life literally without someone ripping it from my hand.

it was a good break i guess you could say..mostly. i can’t wait to go back to school though, it’s really time.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes are the best. :o

come to meeee omg like in a week finally after wanting it for legit years lmao i’m gonna go buck wild when i get there awwwhyeahhhh


Bayside last night blew my mind, they never disappoint<3

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