Four Year Strong- So Much For The Afterglow 

how did i never know about this? amazing. everclear<3

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Amphetamine - Everclear

this song is so great i’m so glad someone uploaded it already!

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Like A California King - Everclear

I will find you in the crowded room
I will knock you off your feet
I will burn you just like teenage love
I will eat you just like meat
I will break you into pieces
Hold you up for all the world to see
What makes you think you’re better than me?
What makes you think you’re better?
What makes you think you are complete?
What makes you think you are the only one immune to falling down?
Why can’t you see?
I see you fall and I get happy
I will watch you burn like fire
I will watch you burn like a California King 

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so much for the afterglow | everclear

does anyone else still listen to everclear?

i remember when we used to wanna hang out,
i remember we could talk about anything 

basically the most relatable line in music like it’s so simple but it is soooo fucking relavent to my life always. people who are best friends end up coming and going by the year. lifeee